I am a creature of instinct and intuition,

and neither of them are going to let me sleep tonight.


"can i ask you something?" my immediate reply says “go for it" but my mind has already gone through the seven stages of grief

Joni Mitchell


if you dont like me please dont pretend to like me ever


Guys who do anal are fucking assholes


remember that one time we were all in an internet cult

something about jesus and art supplies


I love her so much 


I love her so much 


good morning everyone. I’m thirsty

same tbh

I just paid all my bills and only have the 1100$ internet bill left to pay off before I’m COMPLETELY DEBT FREE.

But I do have to take out a new student loan for next term…



new haircut 2k14


new haircut 2k14

Remember that recent post I had about almost dying on the drive home from work? It gets worse.

While I was at work, there was a lightning storm and another flash flood warning in effect just as my shift was ending. There were hardly any people at the bakery, so we closed early and I was more than ready to go because I was afraid of driving on slick roads again.


There was lightning everywhere, and it was only yards away from my car at some points.

About 15 miles into the drive, there was a cop car in the road and the car in front of me pulled over. I did, too.

I had no idea what was happening, but I noticed my gas tank was running dangerously low. I was hoping we would not be stopped very long.

The lightning continued.

About 15 minutes later, the cops started letting cars through and I could see why traffic was stopped. The storm had caused a landslide for about a half mile stretch of the highway. There were branches and rocks all over the road, and it was flooded. I almost ran into a huge rock.

Now terrified and on edge, I promised to stop at a gas station as soon as I hit one. About 25 miles from home, I noticed a weird orange glow on the side of the road and I looked over.


People were stopping to take pictures, but I am not people, so I kept driving. The flames almost reached the side of the road.

The lightning continued and I was almost out of gas.

I managed to stop before too long, and now 15 miles from home, I was still shaken as the lightning continued, but I was sure the worst was over.

However, as soon as I hit city limits, I started running into ambulances. There were three separate ambulances around the city as I got home.

I’m safe now, but I’m worried about getting to work tomorrow because of the wildfire, and I’m worried about driving as the weather reports only call for more storms.